The Lincoln Continentals

men's a cappella in Lincoln, NE

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how to become a member:

We all started in the same spot as you - curious, and maybe a little nervous to take that first step. It takes courage to carve aside time on your Tuesday evening, especially after a long day at work. But if you ask any of our members, they'll tell you that this rehearsal will become the highlight of your week. All of us came for the music, but stayed for the brotherhood.

We're always looking for men with a passion for embodying the message carefully crafted into our music, that performs from the heart. Our rehearsals are a workshop, honing our ability to sing at the highest level, visually represent the song in a natural, authentic way, and connect to the deeper emotional message that only music can deliver.

Auditioning for a volunteer only chorus may sound strange at first, but our members are continually dedicated to improving. To us, there is nothing more exciting than seeing someone's face light up when they ring their first chords, and join us in our love of barbershop harmony.

Our audition process is simple: First, come to three consecutive rehearsals to see how we work. Second, pass a basic vocal audition by singing a traditional barbershop song in a quartet for our music team. Third, apply for membership with the Barbershop Harmony Society and pay dues.

We welcome you with open arms, whenever you're ready. The #1 regret most of our members say is that they wish they'd only started earlier.



The Lincoln Continentals rehearse every Tuesday at Northeast United Church of Christ, 6200 Adams St, Lincoln, NE 68507.

Guests are always welcome at our rehearsals. Feel free to come listen to us, an audience helps us better prepare for our next performance. Singers are encouraged to join us for a night of fun and harmony on the risers. There's no better way to get a sense of what we do.

See the map below for details.


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